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Explore Bhutan's trekking wonders, lauded by Bear Grylls and esteemed publications like Lonely Planet and CNN. The iconic Snowman Trek challenges adventurers with its rugged terrain and breathtaking vistas. For thrill-seekers, the Snowman Run offers an adrenaline rush amidst Bhutan's pristine wilderness. Experience cultural immersion on the Tergola Trek, where ancient traditions meet stunning landscapes. Bhutan beckons, offering unparalleled trekking adventures for every adventurer.


Embark on a journey of cultural splendor with Bhutan Enlightened Tours & Treks’ extraordinary Bhutan Cultural Tours!


Experience Bhutan with Bhutan Enlightened Tours & Treks through our exhilarating trekking adventures and luxurious camping experiences.


Experience Bhutan’s vibrant festivals with Bhutan Enlightened Tours & Treks.


Experience the thrill of cycling in Bhutan, where suspension bridges, winding mountain trails, and isolated temples await.

Short Duration Treks

Experience Bhutan’s natural and cultural wonders on a short trek. Trek among high-altitude lakes, admire Himalayan peaks like Mount Everest and Jumolhari, and explore traditional villages. Immerse yourself in the country’s rich biodiversity and warm hospitality, blending adventure and tranquility in Bhutan’s breathtaking landscapes.

Dagala Trek

Druk Path Trek

Soi Yaksa Trek

Nub Tshonapata Trek

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