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Gangtey is a secluded village in central Bhutan. Also known as Phobjikha, the valley is part of an important wildlife preserve. The open marshy land spread across the valley is off limits to human activity because the endangered black necked cranes migrate to the valley from Tibet every winter before flying back in early spring. The locals celebrate the arrival of the birds and the village is a paradise for birding photography enthusiasts. The village also has a 16th century Gangtey monastery built on a ridge overlooking the valley. The monastery hosts the annual Gangtey mask dance festival. The quaint village surrounded by rich natural habitat makes it an ideal destination for spiritual rejuvenation and has become a popular meditation center.

The village also has many nature trails taking hikers through the woods and passes the local village and school. One of the things travelers can experience while in Gangtey is the homestay experience. Tourists will get the opportunity to spend a night in a traditional house with a local family. Highlights of the experience include sharing a meal and listen to their folk stories that were passed on for generations and wind the day with a traditional hot stone bath. The bath is drawn in a wooden tub. Heated rocks are put into the tub that warms up the water and herbs are added to make it therapeutic.